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Saffron Packages in Jahan- Saffron
All our packages are air-tight, moisture-proof, strong and durable, and made of substances that have no detrimental effect on saffron. We are ready to present our product in more than 60 various types of packages, in different weights of 0.1 up to 500 grams, in accordance with the customers' needs in domestic and international markets. In addition, we can also present our customers’ brands, logos, addresses or any other requirements on packages according to their demands.

Iranian Saffron, the World’s Best Red Gold
Saffron crocus is one of the most valuable types of historical plants in the world. The cultivation of saffron dates back to 3000 years in Iran. Each purple crocus flower produces three red stigmas, which are hand-picked from the blossom, dried, and permitted to ferment slightly to produce saffron. It takes 170,000 dried stigmas to produce one kilogram pure saffron threads. One part saffron to 150,000 parts water will turn the water a bright yellow and still leave its distinctive flavor. No surprise that the precious crop is called as “botanical gold” as well as “red gold”.

Use of Saffron in foods
Saffron has been used for different purposes in the world. However one of the main uses is in foods as a natural aromatic and colorant spice. It is used in foods such as meat, fish, rice, pasta; and also in cakes, desserts and drinks.

Characteristics of Saffron
Ever since ancient times, physicians and chemists believe in specific and medicinal properties of saffron. The modern science approves this belief. As result saffron is used vastly in the medical, the food and the chemical industries. Some of the specific characteristics of saffron are: anti-depressant, energizing, sedative, expectorant, anti-asthma, anti-cancer, feeling healthier, and the softness and freshness of skin.